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Kayak k1

If you find our products with a lower price elsewhere please let us know and we will try to match it. When you buy a kayak at ordinary price we will give you a kayak intro tour or basic safety course.

Melker kajaker

Melker Väderö

Melker Väderö is produced with three different fittings, pricelevels and comes in two sizes Medium Volume MV suitabale for paddlers between 50-85 kg and High Volume HV suitable for 75-110 kg. Melker Väderö is a safe and stabile allround kayak for beginners and more experienced paddlers, läs mer…

Rent fr 400 sek
Price 11 490 – 13 490 -16 490 sek
Now 10 990 – 12 990-15 790 sek

Length 520 cm Width 58 cm Packvolume 190 litre Cockpit MV 79×39 cm HV 83×43 cm Weight 23 kg  Material: glasfibre + FSC bamboo

Melker Trossö

Melker Trossö is produced with three different fittings, pricelevels and is suitabale for paddlers between 60-110 kg. Melker Trossö has a flat V-shaped bottom that offers great initial and end stability and creates  an amazingly smooth, fast and fun kayak for everyone, läs mer…

Rent fr 400 sek
Price 11 990-14 490-17 490 sek

Length 503 cm Width 58 cm Packvolume 190 litre Cockpit 80×41 cm Weight 23 kg Material: glasfibre + FSC bamboo

Melker Ulvön

Melker Ulvön comes in two sizes Medium Volume MV suitabale for paddlers between 50-85 kg and High Volume HV suitable for 75-110 kg. Melker Ulvön was nominated to the Sweish Deign award and was rewarded the price outdoor product of the year 2016. Melker Ulvön is a playful expedition kayak that has beeni inpired by surfskis and is fun and safe in big swells, read more…

Rent fr 400 sek
Price 19 900 sek
Now 18 790 sek

Length 500 cm Width 51,5-53,5 cm Packvolume 198-230 litre Cockpit 81×43 cm Weight 22,5-24,5 kg Material: glasfibre + FSC bamboo

Melker Rödlöga

Melker Rödlöga  comes in two sizes Ledium Volume LV suitabale for paddlers between 45-75 kg and High Volume HV suitable for 75-105 kg. Melker Rödlöga is the latest and lightest of the Melker single kayak range and was launched 2017, read more…

Rent fr 400 sek
Price 21 490 sek

Length 480-500 cm Width 52-54 cm Packvolume 178-190 litre Cockpit MV 79×39 cm HV 83×43 cm Weight  21,5-22,5 kg Material: glasfibre + FSC bamboo

Seabird kajaker

Seabird Expedition LV

Expedition LV is compact, comfortable and elegant sea kayak for smaller and mid-size paddlers from 55 kg to 90 kg. With its length of 480 cm Expedition LV shares most resemblance with its composite brother XP 480.

Seabird Expedition LV Rent fr 300 sek
Price 10 490 sek

Length 480 cm Width 56 cm Volume 265 litre  Cockpit 80×39,5 cm Weight 25 kg Material 3 layer PE Designer Ingvar Ankervik / VKV

Expedition LV

Seabird Expedition HV

Expedition HV is roomy, comfortable and elegant sea kayak. With its length of 518 cm it is the second longest kayak from its family and is most suitable for paddlers from 80 kg to 105 kg.

Seabird Expedition HV Rent fr 300 sek
Price 10 490 sek

Length 518 cm Width 59 cm Volume 345 litre Cockpit 85,5×41 cm Weight 27 kg Material 3 layler PE Designer Ingvar Ankervik / VKV

Expedition HV

Seabird Expedition Odin

Expedition Odin är en junior version av den populära havskajaken Expedition LV/HV. Den är stabil, lätt manövrerad och optimal för barn, ungdomar och vuxna upp till 50 kg.

Odin Junior Rent fr 300 sek
Price  7 990 sek

Lenght 367 cm Width 52 cm Volyme 160 litre Cockpit 76×39,5 cm Weight 20 kg Material 3 layer P Design Ingvar Ankervik / VKV

Expedition Odin

Expedition Odin

Seabird Scott MV

The “Scott” MV is the mid capacity version of the “Scott” family. It is designed to be manoeuvrable and nimble with good stability, comfort and seaworthiness. The hull has a deep rocker curvature, shallow V form with flat bottomed mid section and hard chines, allowing the kayak to edge and carve well in turns.

The rocker and high volume ends make for an easy boat to surf, equally at home rock hopping or playing in tide races. The “fish form” below water lines and “swede form” deck profile gives a sleek and easily driven craft to allow you to cover the miles.

The high fore deck and key hole cockpit with comfortable seat allow a dynamic paddling position. Fit with a 4 hatch deck layout, two large hatches with ample storage for expedition use with day hatches in front and behind the cockpit. Deck lines and bungees are for storage of spare paddles and gear

Scott MV Rent fr 400 sek
Price 14 990 sek

Length 518 cm Width 55,9 cm Volume  330 litre Cockpit 80×40 cm Weight 27 kg Material feberglass Designer Rob Feloy

Scott MV

Scott MV

Seabird Qanik

In 1959 Emanuelle Koreliussen built a kayak in Greenland – the now famous Illorsuit kayak – for an English visitor. Back in England this kayak inspired many well-known production kayaks, among them Anas Acuta and Nordkapp.
Qanik is Björn’s take on this legendary kayak.

The looks is inspired by the Illorsuit, but the hull shape and hydrodynamics are modern, efficient and relevant to an altogether different situation than seal hunting in arctic waters 60 years ago. Qanik comes with remarkable maneuvering – a bow rudder and edging (relying on impressive end stability) turns the kayak almost in the kayaks length!

Qanik Rent fr 400 sek
Price 16 490 sek

Length 546 cm Width 52 cm Volume 313 litre  Cockpit 60×40 cm Weight 24 kg Material glassfibre Designer Björn Thomasson




Seabird Inuk

INUK Club Hyra fr 400 sek
Nypris kr 17 850 sek

Length 550 cm Width 50 cm Volume 270 litre Cockpit 76×37 cm Weight 23 kg Material glasfibre Design Rob Feloy