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Ocean clean up

We love the ocean and spending time in our magnificent archipelago. The ocean currents are imortant for the marine life and our northern climate. But the currents also collects and brings ocean garbage mostly plastic that ends up on our islands and shorelines.

That is why we have invested time and money into projects to prevent ocean waste and to create infrastructures to avoid and minimise littering. But we also need to do something about the waste that is here right now and that is why we dedicate the 6:th of May named the Nordic shoreline clean up day to gather all of us that spend time in our wonderful nature and want to make sure it remains beautiful and clean.

9:th of August 2017 togehter with the famous adventurer Annelie Pompe
Skärgårdsidyllen main kayak centre Grönemad, Grebbestad
The idea is to launch with kayaks and paddelbooards from our main kayak centre to one or more islands depending on number of participants. By lunchtime we take a break and meet up on an island for lunch and coffee “swedish fika”. If we are lucky we might also get a chance to listen to some interesting guests talking about sustainability, kayaking and the public right of access. If you do not have a kayak we have kayaks & paddelboards for rent and some extra bags, gloves and buns “fika” for everyone.

Book now:
Please contact us and tell us how many you are that would like to join us on this event. 

If you can’t make it this time we arrange driftwood walks for private companies all year around, follow our environmental work at

If you can’t join us on this date we arrange smaller clean up events all year around and if you, your company or friends would like to join us on a clean up and driftwood workshop, driftwood walk or book a driftwood weekend just contact us.