11 March 2021

In progress

Today we woke up in the middle of a snowstorm.

We just thought that the winter had left us and spring, even summer, had arrived. But this is typical April weather, so we were not entirely surprised.

What happily surprised us more, was the massive attention and love that we received from the followers of West Sweden when they posted the news about our work on the island. This post generated a flood wave of greetings and congratulations, interests from the public and national and international media.

Now we have even more energy than before and cant wait to carry on preparing the Island Studio for summer.

Thank you for all love and greetings.
We are looking forward sharing the results we will reached in a month’s time on the island – in May, if not before.

14 February 2021

Time to dream

I have always have had the urge to dream. I think it is when you allow yourself to dream, you are able to get your visions.
You let your uncounsious work, often simultaneously with different processes and actually at the same time it gets very clear and concrete. Like a puzzle.
During Janury and Februry we have had some really wonderful and dreamy days.

My best ways to dream and visionize;
1. Wandering along the ocean
2. Taking a hot bath or a sauna
3. Browzing magazines (yes, I admit that I have had some of my most brillant ideas while browsing magazins like Elle and in Sweden we have a magazine called Damernas i.e The Ladies’s)

Today it is the day to put down an agenda, book some meetings and get the work forward.


16 January 2021

The time has come…

Today it was 20 years since my mother passed away. Now it is time to move forward.
It is time to open the Ocean Studio for the public. The Ocean Studio has more or less been left untouched, like a museum, for the last 20 years. So now it is high time for renovation and polishing before we can open the door for overnight guests.

The Ocean Studio has always been lika a small private get-away. A place to take a time out.
By nature. In nature.
Reading. Reflecting. Resting.
And painting.

And this is what we would like to create again. And open up to others.
We will try to up-date our progress and process in this blogg.
Welcome a board to follow our story!