Skärgårdsidyllen Paddlers Paradise Kayak & outdoor outfitter in Grebbestad

Price without a guide

Here is more information about the different kayaks we have for sale and rent. We also have camping equipment for rent and Swedemount tents that you can test for free when renting a kayak.

Kayak model Grebbestad Koster Rossö
Kayak plastic 400 sek/day 500 sek/day 500 sek/day
Kayak fiberglass 600 sek/day
Double kayak plastic 600 sek/day 750 sek/day 750 sek/day
Double kayak fiberglass 800 sek/day
Collect kayaks 9-10 am return kayaks by 5 pm

We buy new kayaks every year and sell used kayaks between September-May

Price with guide

Please read more about all our guided tours, overnight tours and kayak courses. Below you will find our most popular tours that you can book and pay online.