Skärgårdsidyllen Paddlers Paradise Photo: Lukasz Warzech

Hiking weekend West Sweden

Live like the locals enjoy local food in season and hike in historical and magnificent landscapes

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Photo: Lukasz Warzecha

Hiking & Walks

Hiking and walks are good for all ages and all seasons. Welcome to experience our coastline and inland walking trails full of mystery, stories and history. The famous granite rocks has been shaped by the ice age, rock carvings and for almost 100 years stonemason was the major industry along the coastline.

We offer guided tour and self guided tours. Besides suitable clothes and suitable shoes we recommend to bring your camera and a “fika” (snack), here is a recommended packing list for kayaking tours.

Hiking weekend in West Sweden

We offer hiking packages for all of you that enjoy the comfort of a bed and easy walks. Live in a cottage like the locals enjoy the open fireplace with a magnificent ocean view. The packages include accommodation, meals, picnic, transport to and from the trails with or without guide. Read more about Hiking weekend in West Sweden

When: September-June
Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 4995 sek/person inc. 2 nights full board in cottage and hikes

Island Hiking

Experience and explore the archipelago by foot. We have a boat that takes you out into a maze of islands and sherries. We drop you off on a island of  your choice. A popular island for hiking is the natur reserve Otterön where you will find nice beaches, historical and cultural remains, walking paths, unique animals and plants. If you are lucky you can spot a mouflon sheep. We will provide you with a map, a picnic and agree on a time suitable for pickup and return to the mainland. Now you can wander off and explore and experience the island on your own, read more about Island Hiking.

When: all year around
Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
How: Time & date according to agreement
Price: 1250 sek/person inc. boat trip, hiking map

Hiking paths

We strongly recommend to hike parts of the Bohusleden or Kuststigen which offers most of what the region has to offer in terms of nature and history. Björnerödspiggen is the highest point in Bohuslän 222 meters above water level and offer a magnificent view over the inland and coast. Älgafallet the highest waterfall with 46 meters drop to name a few places along the paths.

Thanks to the public right of access you can stay over nigh in nature along the trail or we can help you book accommodation, transport along the way. The trails are free of charge and so please help us keep them nice and tidy and pick up litter if you find some. Here is a suggestion of a two day hike camping in the wild and finishing the tour at Bohusläns biggest waterfall.. We have dry food, gas kitchen, sleeping bags and tents for rent and if you would like to have a guide with you just let us know.

Hike with a guide

Nature reserve and sweet spots

We have many nature reserves and favorite sweet spots along the coast that we would love to share with you. Depending on your preferences and the weather we find a suitable trail that we can explore together. The goal of the tour is to have a good time and to have time to enjoy and explore what is around us. We meet up at our center of we can pick you up at your hotel if you wish. During the tour we offer you traditional “fika” coffee/tea and cake.

Price: 950 sek/adult and 450 sek/children under 15 years
Time: 3 hours incl. transport och “fika”
Book: Send booking request now

Driftwood walks

Join us on a driftwood walk i the archipelago of Fjällbacka, Grebbestad and the Naturreserves Veddö, Tjurpannan and other nice places in Bohuslän, West Sweden. During our walks we collect things that doesn’t belong in nature and leave green footprins. This walk is good for body, mind and soul.  read more about our driftwood walks

Where : Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: 950 sek/adult and 450 sek/children under 15 years
Book: Send booking request now

Driftwood workshop

Just like the driftwood walk we visit a nice place along the coast and collect things that doesn’t belong in nature. After a break and well deserved coffee and tea break we head back with our findings to our workshop where we create nice artifacts like key rings or what ever you feel like. We will provide you with tools, glue and paint, read more about the driftwood workshop

Where : Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: 950 sek/adult and 450 sek/children under 15 years
Book: Send booking request now