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Camping tours

We offer tours for the curious, the beginner, epicurean and everyone that would like to enjoy and explore our magnificent archipelago. The tours start from our kayakcenters in Grebbestad or Koster and you will be guided by one or more guides depending on the size of the group. We offer fully equiped kayaks suitable for your level of experience and size. We offer safe and fun kayaking experiences in magnificent surroundings. We also offer guided daytours and kayak courses.

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Fjällbacka 2-3 days

Fjällbacka archipelago 2 or 3 days

If you have been dreaming of an overnight kayak tour in the famous Swedish archipelago, this is the tour your dreams are made of. Our experieced guides takes you on a 2 day tour or 3 days tour along Fjällbacka archipelago which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful archipelagos to kayak in the world

Price: 3900-5800 sek per person inkl kajak, campingutrustning och guide
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Kayak weekend

Kayak & Cottage

Welcome to a relaxed or active weekend with great accommodation with great ocean view and access to kayaking in our magnificent archipelago. The package includes accommodation in genuine coast cottage and access to fully equipped kayaks, guided tours and outdoor bath, yoga etc.

Price: 1875 sek per person inkl kajak, campingutrustning och guide
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Self guided kayak tour

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Self guided

If you are experienced and would like to explore our archipelago on your own without a guide this is the place to be. We are happy to assist you with route suggestions and useful information to help you plan your trip. When renting a kayak from us we can offer you to test a tent from our sponsors for free. We also have camping eqipment, paddling gear that you can buy or rent, read more about our offer self guided kayak tour.

Price: from 400 sek/person
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Kayak transport


Let the weather and winds decide where to go. It is always pleasant with the sun in your face and the wind in your back. Enjoy the good life of downwind and let us pick you need to get back, read more about our kayak transport

Price: 200 sek + 25 sek/km (max 3 pers)
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