Paddlers Paradise

Paddle weekend in West Sweden

Paddle kayak or SUP in one of the last wilderness and the paddlers paradise. Enjoy local food and live with the locals in your own cabin in the middle of nature.

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Stand up Paddelboard

Stand Up Paddel, SUP, Paddelboarding this hobby has many names. If you have not tried it before we suggest that you start with a guided tour or a intro tour where you will learn the basic paddling and safety techniques by our certified guides.

If you have previous experience you can rent a board and head out and explore our magnificent archipelago on your own with your friends. During the winter we only offer guided tours with dry suits.

Winter paddle board tour

Welcome to explore our otherwise busy archipelago when the summer birds and guest has moved on. Now you can experience the same islands with new eyes and from a new perspective. It is less crowded and less boats out which makes it easier to get closer to the nature and animals. We offer secure and safe Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) tours with dry suits and experienced guides, read more bout Winter Paddle board Tour.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: 950 sek per person / 2 h incl. fully equipped SUP & ISA certified instructor.

Introduction to Stand Up Paddelboard (SUP)

The goal of this tour is to introduce you to the magical world of stand up paddleboard aka SUP. No previous experience required. Together with your instructor and your fellow paddlers we walk through and practice the basics of paddleboarding. We paddle close to land sheltered by the archipelago suitable the premiere tour, read more about Paddleboard intro tour

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: 650 sek per person / 1,5 h incl. fully equipped SUP & ISA certified instructor.


SUP Yoga

Why choose when you can have it all. SUP + Yoga the perfect combo, taking balance and core exercises to a whole new level. While we strengthen and stretches our bodies we hear and feel natur around us, the wind, the birds, the motion in the ocean.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: 650 sek per person / 2 h incl. fully equipped SUP & ISA certified instructor.

Sunset paddling

Enjoy and explore the west coast archipelago in the beautiful evening light.  We start off with a basic introduction before you paddle out into the sunset and quietly enjoy the nature. The tour is enjoyed in slow pace with focus on the surroundings.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
How: 2 hours tours, date according to agreement
Price: 1100 sek/person inc guide, paddelboard, wet/dry suit