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Welcome to explore our magnificent archipelago in west Sweden. Our main kayak center in Grebbestad is open all year around and we offer kayak rental, SUP rental, guided tours, camping tours and kayak courses. If you have previous experience we strongly recommend a self guided tour and without previous experience you can start with a kayak course before you rent a kayak and go on your own.

We have a wide selection of single and double kayaks at our main kayak center i Grönemad, Grebbestad. These are used as demo, rental and sales. We also have pickup points with a limited range of kayaks in the middle of Kosterhavet marine national park, you will find us here. If you would like to kayak one direction we also offer kayak transport & pickup service.

Approved by the Swedish Canoe Federation

Our kayak center has been approved by the Swedish Canoe Federation. This certification proves that we are a serious business with good knowledge and equipment.

Rental prices

Kayak model Grebbestad Koster
Kayak plastic 500 sek/day 600 sek/day
Kayak fiberglass 650 sek/day
Double kayak plastic 700 sek/day
Double kayak fiberglass 850 sek/day
Collect kayaks 9-10 am return kayaks by 5 pm

10% discount on bookings more than 5 days

Book & pay online

We also offer the possibility to book and pay offline via bank transfer.

Book & pay offline

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    Clothes – jacket, neoprene shoes and shorty 100 sek/person/day
    Ready meals – 100 sek/portion

    Kitchen – gas stove plates, cups and cutlery 100 sek/person/day
    Sleeping bag & mat 50 sek/person/day
    Tent – thanks to our sponsors we can offer tent for free