We offer tours for the curious beginner, the active, the epicurean and anyone the would like to experience our beautiful archipelago. The trips begins and ends at our well situated kayak centers with waters suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced paddler. We offer fully equipped kayaks from Seabird and we help you find a suitable model matching your requests and needs. We offer safe and secure paddling in stunning environment. We also offer camping tours and kayak courses.

Guided archipelago tour

Have you dreamed about exploring the Swedish coastline in a kayak and experience the nature this is the tour for you. Together with an experienced guide we take you out in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world according to us and CNN and many more, read more about the guided archipelago tour

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 950 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak and warm drink
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Winter kayaking

Explore and enjoy the archipelago when the buisy summer season has come to an end and the peace and tranquility has returned. We offer secure and safe kayaking with dry suits and experienced guids read more about winter kayaking.

When: September-Maj
Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 1250 sek person inc. fully equipped kayak, drysuit and warm drink
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National park paddling

This tour takes you on an excursion in Kosterhavets Marine National Park.  Paddling together with your guide eploring the nationalpark from the cockpit. The ranger provides information, history about the national park and the marine life and answer all your questions. Read more about the national park paddling.

Where: Ekenäs, Sydkoster & Rössö
Price: from 1650 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak and picnique
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Family kayak tour

If you would like to explore kayaking with the family this is the tour for you. Together with qualified and experienced guides we take you and your family out on a fun and safe kayaking adventure in the close and sheltered archipelago, read more about family kayaking

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
When: May-September
Price: from 950 sek/adult and 550 sek/child (under 15 year) with adult
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Kayak + Yoga = Kayoga, which is a perfect combination of kayaking and yoga. We meet up at our kayak centre and head out to one of many lovely islands for an open air yoga class. Previous kayak experience is required, read more

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 1250 sek/vuxen
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Gourmet paddling

This tour is for all of us that enjoy the good things in life. We start in Grönemad and explore the archipelago together on our way to one of the nicest restaurants where you will enjoy a well deserved dinner. During the tour there is a great chance to see seals, oysters and much more. Read more about the gourmet paddling

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 1650 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak and dinner/ supper
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Oyster kayak tour

If you would like to explore and learn more about our awardwinning oyesters this is the tour for you. During the tour you will learn about oysters, see them in their natural habitat and aslo get a chance to enjoy them in the best possible place – the kayak! This will be an oystertasting that you wont forget. No previous experience of kayaking or oysters requered, read mor about the oyster kayak tour.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
When: When the oysters are at their best, from September until May
Price: from 1450 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak and oyster tasting
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Seafood deluxe

Kayak, seafood platter and oyster tasting at sea, recommended by National Geographic. Why choose when you can have it all! Welcome to the calm and picturesque village of Grönemad just outside the popular summer destination Grebbestad. Situated here are two family run companies that has made them self know all over the world for their exclusive tours in the magnificent archipelago or west Sweden, read more about the tour.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Price: from 2950 sek per person inc. guided kayak tour, seafood platter and oyster tasting at sea
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Sunset paddling

Enjoy and explore the west coast archipelago in the beautiful evening light.  We start off with a basic introduction before you paddle out into the sunset and quietly enjoy the nature. The tour is enjoyed in slow pace with focus on the surroundings.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
Sunday-Thursday: 1250 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak
Friday-Saturday: 1350 sek per person inc. fully equipped kayak
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Self guided kayak tour

If you are experienced and would like to explore our archipelago on your own without a guide this is the place to be. We are happy to assist you with route suggestions and useful information to help you plan your trip. When renting a kayak from us we can offer you to test a tent from our sponsors for free. We also have camping eqipment, paddling gear that you can buy or rent, read more about our offer self guided kayak tour.

Price: from 400 sek/person
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Minimum 4 participants for the guided tours.