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We have been blessed with great guests and reporters from all over the world. We have listed some of the articles below and here you’ll find some of the movies we have attended. If you are a journalist and would like to write an article please contact us and have a look at the gallery that we have set up for you.


January: Bohuslaningen


November: Linn Reijser
October: National Geographic Traveller
September: Facing Waves (Fox sports, Outside TV, Nautical Channel)
July: Vagabond
June: Sportshopen Magazine
June: Erik Conover
June: West Magazine
June: Lobster & Swan
May: Alex Vizeo
May: Vist Sweden France
May: Tanum Turist Magazine
April: Votre tour du monde
April: GT & Expressen
March: Marco Polo Television
Mars: Krickelins
March: Finnish Kayak Federation Magazine
January: Reis Magazine
January: Se og Hør Marazine
January: Norska dagbladet


December: BRA flight Magazine
October: Mitsubishi Magazine & BRA Travel Magazine
October: Découvertes
October: Magasinet Reiselyst
October: Veckovis
October: National Geographic Travel
October: Mayfair Magazine
September: Por Homme
September: Sparbanken Tanum
September: Food & Travel magazine
August: Bruno Maltor – France
August: I love the seaside travelbook
July: Björklövet film
July: Marco polo tyskt reseprogram med Tareq Taylor
June: Utsidan 
June: Båtliv Magazine
May: Radio Prime – nordic ocean cleanup day
May: Strömstads tidningen
May: Björklövet 
May: Strömstads tidningen
May: Petra Magazine
April: Utemagasinet 
March: Passauer Neue Presse
February: Chef & Karriär nr 2 2017
February: Falstaff – Westschwesen
January: Schweden Winterkajak Wetterinseln
January: Friluftsliv Magazine
January: SAS Magazine Germany
January: Bohus kuriren Number 1 2017


November: WTM (world travel market) in London
November: The municpality of Tanum
November: Båtliv magazine
November: Lonely Planet Germany
November: Motorhome Fulltime
October: Banff Mountain Film Festival, Oslo & Gothenburg
October: Visit Sweden international
October: Strömstads Tidningen
October: The municpality of Tanum
September: Swedish Broadcast News
September: SAS & travelagents China
September: Incoming agents & VisitSweden, China
August: Conde Nast Traveller – China
July: Swedish Television, Sommarlov
June: Sportshopen Magazine
June: Tanum magazine
May: Annelie Pompe
April: Swedish Broadcast TanumStrand Advertisement
February: Sascha Rettig, Sonntag Aktuell
February: Björn Moholdt, Norsk Ukeblad


May: Friluftsliv – Paddla i sommar page 42-45
May: The Sunday Times – Swedens wild west
June: Outside Magazine
June: Exloring Swedens Wild West Coast
June: Discover the World, UK researrangör
July: Sportshoppen Magazine page 23-24
September: The rough guides – Trail running in Sweden
September: Andrew Castillo GoNomad USA
September: Los Angeles Times
September: The Guardian
October: Portugals ambassadör på besök
November: Brittish Airlines: five adventures for under £500
December: Newsletter USA


June: National Geographic Traveler
Jule: Lonely Planet
September: Tyska Donna Magazine
September: Dave Cornthwaite: Expedition 1000
August: Dave Cornthwaite: Expedtion 1000



April: Pressrelease
June: Tedactive Magazine

Marco Polo, Skärgårdsidyllen & Tareq Tailor

Mitsubishi Magazine 2017

[cml_media_alt id='6320']SVT sommarlov[/cml_media_alt]

Swedish Television Sommarlov

Magasinet Reiselyst


Utemagasinet 2017

SAS Magazine 2017

[cml_media_alt id='4222']Outside[/cml_media_alt]

Outside magazine