We have been blessed with great guests and reporters from all over the world. We have listed some of the articles below and here you’ll find some of the movies we have attended. If you are a journalist and would like to write an article please contact us and have a look at the gallery that we have set up for you.



September: Handbook for smart sustainable solutions within tourism (to be published in Sept)
September: Adventure Travel Trade Association
August: National Geographic Traveller
June: Tanum municipaly magazine
June: Waling Bohusleden – LW Images
May: National Geographic
May: Alex Vizeo
April: Real Holidays UK
March: Visit Sweden
Februari: Tanum Turist
Januari: Bohusläningen

Foto: Anna Hållams


November: WTM (world travel market) in London
November: The municpality of Tanum
November: Båtliv magazine
November: Lonely Planet Germany
November: Motorhome Fulltime
October: Banff Mountain Film Festival, Oslo & Gothenburg
October: Visit Sweden international
October: Strömstads Tidningen
October: The municpality of Tanum
September: Swedish Broadcast News
September: SAS & travelagents China
September: Incoming agents & VisitSweden, China
August: Conde Nast Traveller – China
July: Swedish Television, Sommarlov
June: Sportshopen Magazine
June: Tanum magazine
May: Annelie Pompe
April: Swedish Broadcast TanumStrand Advertisement
February: Sascha Rettig, Sonntag Aktuell
February: Björn Moholdt, Norsk Ukeblad

SVT sommarlov