From Gothenburg 1,5 hours
From Oslo 2 hours
From Copenhagen 5 hours
From Stockholm 6 hours

Main kayak center – Grönemad, Grebbestad

You find us down by the beach in Grönemad, Grebbestad! You will most likely be meet by Marcus & Ingela that is the founders and owners of Skärgårdsidyllen. This is our main center and we are open all year around and able to provide you with extra service.

Drive E6 north and take off at Tanumshede and follow signs Grebbestad and road 163. Turn right when you reach the church in Grebbestad and follow signs Grönemad. Park the car at the parking beside the beach, and walk to the boathouses on your right hand side, the adress is Grönemadsvägen 73. If you are using google maps for navigation simply enter Skärgårdsidyllen and select our center at Grönemadsvägen.

Please have a look and become inspired of one of our kayak movies from Grönemad, Grebbestad!


100 meters north of our Kayak center is a public parking where you can park for free until 10 pm. We also have a few long term parking spots in the local marina for an additional fee. You can also park for free at the long term parking by the south entrance to Grebbestad about 4 km from our kayak center.

kering finner ni vid infartsparkeringen ca 4 km från vårt Kajakcenter. Vi har en cykel och cykelställ ni kan hyra vid behov.

Accomodation near by

  • First of all we have a few cabins in the area you can rent
  • Our neighbour Everts sjöbod offers waterfront accomodation about 50 meters from our kayak center. You can use discount code “idyllen” when booking online.
  • Tanumstrand a great resort with hotel rooms, apparments, cabins adn spa open all year around. You can use discount code “idyllen” when booking online.
  • Rosenhill Bed and Breakfast, nice and friendly B&B about 3 km from us.
  • Saltviks camping, right next to the nature reserve Tjurpannan about 6 km
  • Edsviks camping, family friendly campsite with beach access about 4 km
  • Grebbestad Fjorden, B&B, campspots and hostel right in the village close to restaurants and shops about 4 km from us
  • Last but not least Grebbestad hostel in central Grebbestad about 3 km from us

Pickup point – Ekenäs, Sydkoster

You will find us in the heart of Koster marine nationalpark more exact by the harbour of Ekenäs and our partner Koster Cykeln, South Koster.  From here you reach the entire marine nationalpark. We recommend you to book kayaks online in advance since we  have a limited number of kayaks. You reach the nationalpark and koster by ferry from Strömstad with charter a boat or by public transport, ferry.

A pickup point means that we don’t have our own staff and that the kayak knowledge and service level is limited. This means more responsibility for you and it is very important that you leave the equipment in good condition and inform us about any damages in order to secure a good experience for the next customer. The season staff comes from all over Sweden and all over the world. This is a popular summer jobb and the first job for many.

Parking Strömstad

I central Stömstad all parking is charged and maximum stay is 3 hours. By the hospital and by the road Uddevallavägen (Lokstallet, Stationen and Torskholmen) you will find some parking that permits 24 hour stay.  By Canning and Oslovägen (by the Taxi) maximum stay 7 days.  This parking is about 1 km from the center  You will find long term parking with free shuttle to the city center here parking map. Read more about the parking in Strömstand

Accomodation at Koster

Here is a list of accomodation close to our kayak rental and tour centre


We recommend eating at Kläpphagen south Koster and Kosters Ekobod on North Koster