27 September 2021

Into the future

Now we have taken a leap forward in time and landed in the future. And can look back on the three months that have passed since the last post. Three wonderful months filled with the sweetness of summer and many fantastic meetings with guests, nice paddle trips, courses and yoga.

It has also taken place on Långaskäret, but at a slightly slower pace. Now the roof and everything underneath that has been critical to get repaired and replaced, is again in good condition. We enjoy slowing down, with the knowledge that now the house will stand up for the winter, and we will have a little more time to catch up with more than just the ongoing work. It’s time to start catching up on what has been put aside, for the benefit of all the outdoor time we had the opportunity to enjoy during the bright months of the year.

Now it’s getting darker in the morning and evening twig and the work with what is a little less urgent, but just as necessary, is ahead of us. And not least the lobster fishing that started today. It is fun!

During the months that have passed, we have made some choices when it comes to Havsstudion. For example, we have chosen to use iron vitriol for the facade. The choice was relatively simple, as we love our tradition and culture in our village Grönemad. Långaskäret belongs to Grönemad and in the past it was a sharp line between the neighboring community Krossekärr and Grönemad. The line consisted of the boathouses which in the southern part of the boathouse length were painted in Falu copper red and the boathouses in the northern part which were left unpainted or at best iron vitriolated and with the ravages of time were ground by the salt in the air to the beautiful gray tone found in many boathouses today. Before, it was not out of free will that the gray façade cladding was chosen, but because it was poorer in Grönemad that the façades had to be left untreated. And those who lived in Krossekärr were a little better off and in turn could afford to buy paint for their boathouses.

We think this is a fine tradition and history that belongs to our local cultural heritage. That is why we have chosen to let Långaskäret be adorned with an iron vitriol-treated façade that belongs to Grönemad. A way to pay tribute to previous generations and welcome new ones!

Kaffeskål på hummerpremiär & för andra härliga traditioner i Grönemad!

16 May 2021

On the go…

Now it’s moving forward.
This week came the summer.
And the carpenters!
The local company Greby Bygg will help us with the carpentry work. Vallström Marin from the neighboring village of Havstenssund also came to our aid, transporting tools and materials to renovate the roof where it was leaking and the facades. On the way back and ashore, we took with us about 500 kg of scrap iron that lay on the seabed and scrapped for as long as I can remember. Now it goes on to the scrap yard to be reused. Nice to hit two birds with one stone and do some good for the environment and our surroundings too! 🙂

We also got ashore the old pine furniture and some wardrobes that will also be reused elsewhere. And what we will replace them with, you will see eventually.

During the past month, we have also met Tanum municipality and straightened out some question marks, which feels wonderful.

Ship and bike!
Now we go to sea again.


Det gäller att hålla sig på avstånd så att inget oförutsett händer när vi fiskar upp metallskrotet som skall i land och vidare till skroten. Skrot som legat på havets botten sedan mannaminne. Det var fina bultar och högkvalitativt järn – inget slarvbygge här utan gammalt skickligt hantverk. Fast vi kan inte lista ut vad det har varit.

12 April 2021

Snowstorm in April

Today we woke up in the middle of a snowstorm.

We just thought that the winter had left us and spring, even summer, had arrived. But this is typical April weather, so we were not entirely surprised.

What happily surprised us more, was the massive attention and love that we received from the followers of West Sweden when they posted the news about our work on the island. This post generated a flood wave of greetings and congratulations, interests from the public and national and international media.

Now we have even more energy than before and cant wait to carry on preparing the Island Studio for summer.

Thank you for all love and greetings.
We are looking forward sharing the results we will reached in a month’s time on the island – in May, if not before.