Kajak & Yoga

Kayoga, a way to enrich and enhance your kayaking experience.

We will set off in our kayaks to a beautiful island in our closets surroundings and make some emollient yoga. We will stretch out in specific kayak friendly yoga poses and postures, designed for us who like to spend the time in the kayaks cock-pit. Our yoga teacher, with long and lasting kayak experienced, is a certified 200 RYT (Yoga Alliance) teacher and will lead us gentle through our class.

The foundation of yoga is the control of the breath. By taking time to turn our attention inward and focus on the breath, we are able to release our senses, our thoughts and feel mindful and present in the moment. This process makes us conscious about our environment and creates a better feeling and knowledge of our body, the full potential and the limitation, which contributes to an enriching and safe paddling experience.

By using the positions and postures of the yoga, you as a paddler, might support the body to relax and lengthen stiff and stressed parts of the body, which may be caused by long days in the cock-pit. While the senses are focused on the breathing, our physical yoga will bring our attention towards areas in the body like the hips, lower back and our hamstrings.

By given yourself time to regular practice of yoga in connection with paddling activities, we will create space in our minds enhancing the possibility to focus on our environment, instead of stiffness, aches and pain as we all suffer from for time to time.

The tour takes about 4 hours inc a short kayak introduction.

Monday-Friday: (spring & autumn)
1350 sek/person inc life vest, fully equipped kayak, yoga mat and props.

Standard rate:
1650 sek/person inc life vest, fully equipped kayak, yoga mat and props.

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