The Västerhavs week stretches from Kosterhavet in the north to Skälderviken at Ängelholm in the south. Meet scientists, learn more about the ocean, enjoy seaside coastal reserves, join a seal safari, discover life below the surface and much more!


Together with Fredrik and Jessica, we rent out our fine kayaks at Koster. In addition to bicycle rental, Fredrik and Jessica also offer accommodation at the koster farm and transport in the form of bicycles and “trains”.

In the near future, we also hope that there will be packaged solutions with kayak, bicycle and accommodation. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

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Swedemount tält


Swedemount is a brand with its seat in Bohuslän, more precisely Grebbestad. We have the privilege of using their products such as clothing, tents and other equipment. You also have the opportunity to try their tents with us. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

Ursuit dry suits

We have the privilege of collaborating with Ursuit and can therefore offer their drysuits when paddling when the water temperature falls below 15 degrees celius. Ursuit offers dry suits for paddling, sailing, diving, fishing and for military and other professional groups.

Adrian Nordenborg
Adrian Nordenborg

Pathfinder Travels

Adrian Nordenborg is a very experienced nature guide who, in addition to kayaking, also organizes trips to exotic places near and far through the company Pathfinder Travels.

Together with the Archipelago Idyll, he has arranged guided tours for private parties and also taken many of the fine pictures you can find on our website.


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