Driftwood walks

Driftwood walks in magnificent archipelago
We walk over heads, along the shore, on cliffs, up the mountains always close to the ocean. Nature is very precent and every season has it’s characteristics and charm. In the spring you often see the oystercatcher which gives you an hind of what you can find under the surface.

Driftwood – in the past and the present
During our walks we learn about the history and the impact of driftwood and what to consider when you collect subjects for the artifacts.
What is the history and culture behind collecting driftwood. How did it used to be and what is the situation today. At a suitable location we will make a stop and get suitable equippment to collect driftwood and items that doesn’t belong in nature aka marine litter mostly plastic.

Driftwood artifacts
We return when we feel content with our findings or when our bags ar full. By the end of the walk we have not only collected nice artifacts and enjoyed a nice walk in magnificent surrounding, we have also contributed to leaving a better and more clean environment behind us.

Veddö Nature reserve, Fjällbacka
Veddö is a nice and accesible nature reserve with a nice walking path close to Fjällbacka a couple of miles south of Grebbestad. In the spring this is a popular place to catch sea trout and in the summer it is a popular place for recreation and swimming by the cliffs or beaches in a natural rich environment.

The cliffs offer great views over Fjällbacka archipelago. In the southern part you will find stone roses from the bronz age. The cliffs and granite domiate the western parts even if there are some sediment beaches here and there.  In the northern part you will find a beach created from shells that has been washed up on shore over time. The rich vegetation grows all the way down to the shore on many places.

Grönemad, Grebbestad
Grönemad is a small village just outside Grebbestad in Tanum municipality, West Sweden. Grönemad is a old fishing, stonemason and residential area with a long history of living by and with the ocean. Today this is a popular recreational area with guest all over the world, all over the ear, exploring and experienceing the magnificent archipelago and the food and culture. There are small beaches, cliffs that you can go swimming from and kayak, paddelboard and boat rentals if you would like to explore the islands with guieds or on your own. In the northern part you will find small cases and rockingravings next to landmarks from the iceage. Längst i norr finns intressanta grottbildningar.

Price: 950 sek/vuxen and 450 sek/children under 15 years

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