Packing list

Kayak & outdoor activities is fun! Make sure it also is a safe and comfortable experience for you and your company. The kayak rent includes, kayak, spray shirt, paddel, life jacket, map over the closest area. We also sell maps for larger areas if you plan to stay out long. Below is a list of useful things to bring.

We also recommend that you bring:

  • Plenty of water 2 liter/day/person
  • Neoprene shoe to avoid cuts
  • Easy accessible water container or camel pack
  • Mobile phone & power bank
  • Fruits, nuts i.e. extra energy from cockpit
  • Outdoor meals
  • Hat/sunglasses with leash (we sell leash)
  • Sunscreen & painkiller (if you get head ace)
  • Toilet paper, small trowel and waste bags
  • Dry clothes in waterproof bags in case you get wet
  • Rain clothes and extra warm clothes
  • First aid kit
  • Knife/multi purpose tool
  • Something soft/warm to sit on
  • Outdoor kitchen, plates, cutlery and cup (we let kitchen)
  • Thermos
  • Drying line
  • Headlight or flashlight (we have headlights for sale)
  • Extra paddel, bilge pump
  • Compass (we have for sale)
  • Paddle float, drift ancre
  • Repair kit
  • On camping tours we recommend to bring extra water, food, a good book, a deck of cards or a soccer ball if the weather makes you stay longer than planned.


At our main center we sell: