Winter Kayaking

Welcome to explore our otherwise busy archipelago when the summer birds and guest has moved on. Now you can experience the same islands with new eyes and from a new perspective. It is less crowded and less boats out which makes it easier to get closer to the nature and animals.

During autumn you are likely to see lobster fishing and eider and other winter birds that move closer to the coastline. When the winter turn to spring we meet the migration birds that return back like from their winter stay. Like the Eurasian oystercatcher also known as the common pied oystercatcher, or just oystercatcher which is a significant sign of spring.

We meet at our kayak centre in Grönemad, Grebbestad for a short introduction before we carry down our kayaks and equipment. It is good if you have kayak and paddling experience since it is cold in the water this time a year. We offer secure and safe kayaking with dry suits and experienced guids.

After an hours paddling or so we make a short stay at a suitable island where we will get a chance to take a small walk and explore the island. We also offer a warm cup of tea/coffee and a bun i.e. a typical “fika”.

The tour takes approximate 3 hours. Please bring warm clothes to wear underneath the drysuit.

If you have any special requests such as accomodation, kayak weekend package or day spa please don’t hesitate to let us know we are happy to help you.

Where: Grönemad, Grebbestad
When: October-April
Price: 1250 sek per person inc. guide, fully equipped kayak, drysuit and hot beverage.
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