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Paddlers Paradise

Kayak weekend in West Sweden

Kayak in one of the last wilderness and the paddlers paradise. Enjoy local food and live with the locals in your own cabin in the middle of nature.

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Photo: Ingela Holgersson & Kola Productions

Covid-19 We know that you might have many questions, which is natural in a time of uncertainty, especially now with all the information and feelings that comes with the Covid-19 virus. The first point we would like to raise and reassure you of is that we wont charge you for something you cant do. We never have and never will, read more

Kayak in West Sweden – all year around!

We offer guided kayak tours from our main kayak center in Grebbestad all year round. During the summer we also have kayak centers in the middle of Kosterhavet marine national park. West Sweden is a kayak paradise. You can rent a kayak and camping equipment for a self guided tour, borrow a tent, book a kayak weekend, an Island studio or join a guided kayak tour, kayak course and enjoy wild camping in the last great wilderness thanks to the public right of access. We also have gift vouchers if you would like to share the experience with someone you care for.

Free tent from Swedemount
Test a tent from the local brand Swedemount for free, when you rent a kayak.


    star rating  Jag hade praktik hos Skärgårdsidyllen i min utbildning till kajakguide. Här upplevde jag väldigt bra bemötande och bra anpassning av tur efter förmågan, så att alla i gruppen fick... read more

    1 January, 1970


    5 star review  ??:Marcus und Ingela ist ein super nettes Ehepaar, mit fantastischen Ideen wie man seinen Traum im + mit dem Kajak verwirklichen kann. ???Grandiose Kajak - SUP Touren, mitten im Skærgården Grebbestad - Fjälbacka werden angeboten. Wenn man Survival pur erleben möchte, ist man hier an der richtigen Stelle. Es werden Campingtouren auf verschiedenen Inseln im Skærgården angeboten. ? Macht weiter so Ihr 2. ???????? ??: Marcus og Ingela er en mega sympatiske ægtepar, med masse ideerne hvordan man kan roer rund i Skärgården rundt om Grebbestad - Fjälbacka. Man kan opleve mange forskellige roturer med Kajak + SUP. For dem der elsker Survival er her rigtig ! Marcus og Ingela tilbyde forskellige kajakturer i Skärgården med overnatning på en ensomme ø. Herligt! ???På gensyn, hilsen fra ?? Thy ( Coldhawaii)

    thumb Melanie & Hauke Ochs
    11 June, 2019


    positive review  Så härligt med en nybörjarkurs, och att man när vi var på väg tillbaka kände sig som om man paddlat hur mycket som helst! Bra instruktör!!

    thumb Anna PT Bengtsson
    22 July, 2021

We kayak all year round in Grebbestad, Fjällbacka and Koster

The best way to explore and experience the Swedish archipelago is on the ocean. We offer guided archipelago tours with kayak or paddelboard in what is considered to be one of the last great wilderness and a paddling paradise.

We also offer guided national park paddling tours with kayak in the Swedish marine national park Kosterhavet. This area is full of life above and underneath the surface with over 6000 different marine seaweeds and animals.

If you have previous kayak experience we recommend that you do a self guided camping tour during the summer when the water is warm. We offer kayaks, tent, camping equipment and suggestions of tours according to your level of experience and the weather forecast.

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Beach cleanups

Our cleanup work started 2014 and year 2016 was the year when we started to measure and count how much garbage we collected. As we can tell by our own statistics it is less and less garbage to collect every year on the places we return to. We believe the reason to be that we have cleaned a old garbage that has been here for a long time and once it is gone it is only the new garbage we need to collect. Old plastic is very fragile and you can tell it has been there for a long time.

Ocean cleanup - part of our business
Ocean cleanup – part of our business

2016 – 1018 kg garbage, 48 bags
2017 – 3618 kg garbage, 202 bags
2018 – 8532 kg garbage, 702 bags
2019 – 6062 kg garbage, 433 bags
2020 – 3780 kg garbage, 270 bags
2021 –…

Up until year 2020 we have collected about 20 677 kg waste i.e. more than 20 tons of garbage, 1655 bags to be precise. This is equivalent to at least 165 500 litre of waste- a bathtub contains 160 litre. This means that we have collected more than 1034 bathtubs with ocean debris.

We also arrange public beach cleanups  that you can join or if you would like to arrange a cleanup with your friends or organization you can use the online map www.strandstä to register what and where you have been and get help to collect your bags if you wish to. You can also contact us if you have any questions or read more about our sustainability work here.

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Our goal is to contribute to that more get a chance to explore our magnificent archipelago.

Marcus Holgersson Skärgårdsidyllen

We offer sustainable and genuine experiences.

Ingela Holgersson Skärgårdsidyllen

We want the experiences to extend past the beach and out among the skerries and islands.

Marcus Holgersson Skärgårdsidyllen

Our guests get to know our history, culture and local specialties.

Ingela Holgersson Skärgårdsidyllen