Foto: Lukasz Larsson Warzecha & Kola Productions

Paddling Film Festival Koster

Join us for this year’s best paddling films

We are proud and happy to invite you to the Paddling Film Festival at Koster the 13th of April 2024 between 18-21 at Naturum Kosterhavet situated at Ekenäs, South Koster Island. During the festival around nine of the best paddling films in the world is screened (english text). The films are selected by a jury in Canada and the best films, in different categories, are later sent on a world tour. We also invite you to a seminar between 16-17, see program below. After the seminar you can mingle with our exhibitors, enjoy local food & drinks and get ready for the movies. Great prizes will be awarded from our exhibitors and sponsors like a Guided national park tour from Skärgårdsidyllen. We have chartered a boat to take you back to Strömstad after the movies unless you would like to spend the night on the island.


Skärgårdsidyllen and Ulrika Larsson offers a guided national park tour with coffee/tea & sandwich in the national park between 11:20-15:00 (pre-book). Public seminar at Naturum between 16-17 with Anders Tysklind talking about sustainable experiences in the national park, Christian Vorbeck CEO Ostrea talking about the oyester farm followed by Ulrika Larsson, the first female to do solo-kayaking along the Swedish cost aka Blue Ribbon of the Sea Paddlers (no booking required).

After the seminar you can mingle with friends and like-minded in the exhitition area, enjoy local food and beverage from Kosters Rökeri and get ready for the films that starts at 18:00. At the exhitibion area there will also be a table for the outdoor fleemarket. Bring your old outdoor equipment with a price and phonenumber. If it is to big, bring a photo. We will provide you with a table to share/exchange your equipment. Perhaps your unused equipment will find a new owner and like wise you find new equipment. You will aslo have a chance to stretch your legs in the 30 minute intermission around 19:30. At 21:30 we have a chartered boat that takes you back to Strömstad and the After-Movie at Laholmens pianobar.

Experience cold ocean bath in Strömstads kallbadhus since the 18th century.



NB: last year the tickets got sold out so we recommend that you buy and secure yours asap..

Naturum Kosterhavet
Naturum Kosterhavet
Ursholmen Photo Cred: Roger Borgelid
Ursholmen Photo Cred: Roger Borgelid


Would you also like to be exhibitor & sponsor?

Your company or club will get exposure for a relevant audience before, after and during the festival. Exposure online, on the festival and in press. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to participate, contact us now.

Private venues & virtual tours

Would you like to bring the Paddling Film Festival to your town, at your club or event contact us. If you are not able to come to us you can rent the movies online and see the movies where and when it is convenient for you.


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