Precis utanför vårt kajakcenter finner du en skärgård med hundratals öar och skär, mestadels obebodda. I kajaken har du oändliga möjligheter att utforska skärgården både norr och söderut, beroende på väder och erfarenhetsnivå. Du finner både kala klippor och sandiga vikar som passar bra för en picknick eller övernattning.

[cml_media_alt id='3508']Kayakcenter, Grönemad[/cml_media_alt]
Kayakcenter, Grönemad
När man vistas i Skärgården är det viktigt att ta hänsyn till fågel/sälskyddsområden, naturkyddsområden och allemansrätten. Det finns speciella regler för naturreservat bland annat Väderöarna och Kosterhavets nationalpark.

Här nedan finner du ett förslag på en 3-5 dagars tur med övernattning i tält eller hotell, vandrarhem beroende på vilken nivå av komofort du önskar, mest komfortabelt är givetvis kajakweekend.

Totalt rör det sig om ca 80 km och vi räknar med att du paddlar omkring 20-25 km/dag. Vi rekommenderar att du lägger in luft i planeringen så att det finns utrymme för spontanitet och hänsyn till olika väderförhållanden. Ifall du inte hinner tillbaka i tid är det bara att du kontaktar oss så hjälper vi dig.


[cml_media_alt id='3506']Pinnö[/cml_media_alt]
Start your tour at Skärgårdsidyllens main kayakcenter in Gröneamd, Grebbestad. You have a wonderful day of paddling and exploring the islands outside Grönemad/Ullmekärrsand. The maze shaped islets of Håverne, Käften and the high cliffs of Gåsö where you might see youngsters take a 12 meter dive  into the ocean. Heading south towards Pinnö, Klövskär where you might see both oysters and seals. We strongly suggest that you explore the nature reserve of Otterön. Otterön is a minuture size of Bohuslän, with its deciduous forest, heaths and flat rock areas. When you feel like the day is commign to end remember that camping is prohibited on this island. Head to St. Måkholmen or Musö instead for good nature tenting possibilities. If you prefer the comfort of a bed head for Tanumstrand that you will find on mainland south of Grebbestad.


[cml_media_alt id='3517']Danholmen[/cml_media_alt]
Be on the lookout for oysters on your journey south. The surroundings around Grebbestad are Sweden’s finast waters for oysters, where 80% of the country’s crop is picked and taste the very best. But if you find any, strain yourself. The oyesters belongs to the property owner and picking without permission is prohibited. If you would like to taste the local oysters visit the fish market or the local restaurants that serve plenty of oysters and seafood.

Continue south, paddle past Danholmnen and admire the house that defiantly gases out towards the sea from cliffs at the southern part of the island. The Swedish film star Ingrid Bergman lived here when she wanted to get away from the spotlight and enjoy the nature and ocean. Aim west, if the wind permits, and spend the night nature camping at Långeskär. This is a wonderful place to set your tent and enjoy the afternoon light.


[cml_media_alt id='3518']Gluppö[/cml_media_alt]
Today you will have a chance to explore that granite formations near Bogen, the protected basin near Gluppö Island, and the picturesque settlements on Fläskö and Dyngö islands. The small building on the top of Dyngö Island, a pilot lookout seen from all directions in the archipelago, is a good spot to get your bearings from the kayak. It is easy to get lost if you don’t pay attention, there are plenty of beautiful island and islets to get distracted by.

You can paddle around here for a long time and be fascinated by the islands and life in the water. When you think it’s time, aim for the relatively large Valö Island, justoutside Fjällbacka, where you can find accommodation and food at B&B on Badholmen just outside Fjällbacka that offers sauna and accommodation.


[cml_media_alt id='3522']Camping[/cml_media_alt]
Do yet another tour south. The archipelago is just as stunningly beautiful as yesterday. Don’t miss the historical captains villas on Hjärterö and Florö islands, the enchanting settlements on Kalvö and Korsö islands, the remarkable little war cemetary at Stensholmen or the beautiful, inviting small sand beaches as Vedholmen, Trinisla or Getryggen.

Glide little by the ashore in Fjällbacka for a late lunch or a good coffee. A table at Retaturant Bryggan vill give you about as much of a Swedish summer feeling as you can find. When the delicious lunch has settled in, you will have energy for an afternoon paddle back to where you started – Skärgårdsidyllen Grönemad/Ullmekärrsand northwest of Grebbestad. If you would like to spend one last night camping on the islands before mainland we suggest that you spend the night on the Island named Käften just outside Skärgårdsidyllens kayakcenter. If you would like the conform of a bed you will find Stora Hotellet in Fjällbacka or Greby Hotell in Grebbestad.

[cml_media_alt id='3520']The maze[/cml_media_alt]
The maze


If the weather permits you now have time to explore the coastline stretching north from Ullmekärrsand/Grönemad towards Havstensund. On the mainland you will pass the Altarstone, Munk caves before reaching Edsvik and the nature reserve named Tjurpannan (bulls head).

Tjurpannan is one of the coast’s most weather exposed routes, where the waves can be big and difficult. Ensure that you paddle this passage in relation to your own comfort level. On a calm day you can stay close to mainland and take a close look on the granite rocks, sheds and boathouses.

[cml_media_alt id='3525']Ulsholmen[/cml_media_alt]
If you would like to get an ice-cream of take a stroll in a picturesque village we suggest that you stop by Havsstensund. This is also a great place to get a magnificent view of the area. Head up towards the path Målarklöva which leads you through and up the mountain above the small beach. From here you can spot the inlet to Havstensund and the Weather Islands on a clear day.

You will find a good nature camping spot on the Island just south of Havstensund namely the Islands Ulsholmen or Långeskär.